Monday, November 2, 2015

Secretary TG Caption

Secretary TG Caption
John was always rude to his secretaries. 5 of them quit within the first two weeks on the job. He's been through so many that he's lost count how many he's had. Little did he know he would hire the wrong woman to mess with.
This woman he hired was named Rachel  and she was hiding the fact that she was a witch from him. One day he was yelling at her for not getting him the right type of bagel for his morning breakfast. Seems like a little mistake but he blew it out of proportion. He continued to yell at her in his office for an two hours in a row. Finally she had enough and said some weird language under her breath. Suddenly his body began to tingle.
First his body shrunk down from 6'3 to 5'8. Then his body hair disappeared  and his hair grew down past his shoulder and changed to a light brown color. His arms and legs slimmed and his feet shrunk. Then his face rearranged  and became feminine.
Next his pants transformed and rode up his legs and thighs. His Penis  was being squished by that but slowly it retreated and turned into a vagina. Then the fat from his stomach went to his butt and thighs and his hips grew to child bearing proportions. His stomach crunched inward and the rest of the fat went up to his chest and grew outward into two d cup tits. His shirt transformed into a slutty version to show off his cleavage. His world changed around him and he collapsed.
When he woke up he was shocked at his new body. Rachel was there to help up her newly hired secretary up. John remembered his name as Jenny and she was a new secretary for the lovely rachel. She loved her new job mainly because she could flash her assets  at the male Co workers. And Rachel was the best boss ever. She was super nice and appreciative of the help given by her secretary. With that John disappeared and began his new life as a slutty secretary named jenny.

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