Friday, January 16, 2015

And now everybody knows how sissy you become

All started as a foreplay and ended with me totally dressed.

Then the doorbell rang and was a girl, she contacted in craigslist that paid her $500 for letting me pierce my genitals, my nipples, my nose and my ears (three times each).

She took some pics and blackmailed me to let her do all she wants on me or she will post then on the Net. I accepted being tattooed with a trampstamp, and Tinkerbell in the arm, but when she proposed to the craigslist's girl tattooing me a full whore makeup I stand and I say her to stop the game.

But they were 2 versus 1 and grabbed and tied me, and I couldn't avoid the permanent makeover. And as a punishment for my rebellion she let the craigslist's girl use my body as canvas, and tattoo me from head to toe all kind of sissy things like butterflies, hearts, lipsticks, unicorns,...

And when I thought they was finished, it result only a break for dinner out, and when the craigslist's comeback she started to tattooing me all kind of degrading words like whore, pansy, fag around my body some of then hard to hide even with winter clothes.

And then my girl showed me what they bought in a sex-shop coming back from dinner: a pair of strap-ons and a huge collection of dildos, that they don't doubt of using on me.

This was going to be our naughty secret but finally she made posted all the pics and videos, she took, on the Net and now everybody knows how sissy I become.

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